"So much mental traffic in the universe. 

                  Solitude is the only peace

make me choose emilybrowninng asked

mary jane watson or gwen stacy?

For Lydia

nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-même.

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stiles in s3 or s4

If you ain’t  s c a r e d 
                             you ain’t  h u m a n 

What would your spirit animal be?
So funny, I’ve done spirit animals before but I think I don’t get the jist of them. I think I’m so squirrelish. It’s kind of like what you resemble to me. More aesthetically really, than anything.

There is no such thing as f a t e.


My name is Rosie. This, is Alex. We’ve been best friends since forever, but as you grow up life gets complicated. There will be temptations, complications, even revelations. But who said finding the right one is easy?

Just    don’t    l e a v e.

e n j o y  o b l i v i o n